Use Case: Data Exchange System for Credit History

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FINCA Russia (a subsidiary of FINCA International) brings microfinance services to private customers and small-scale businesses located outside of Russia's major urban areas where traditional banking services are in short supply.

While being a not-for-profit organisation, it operates under standard business principles and aims to make informed lending decisions by leveraging data from Russia's leading credit bureaus (National Bureau of Credit Histories, United Credit Bureau, Equifax).

2 months
Time to market
Microfinance and SME Loans

FINCA Russia sought a technology partner to create a system for two-way data exchange that would allow credit report data to be transmitted quickly and securely. Key system requirements included uploading the credit reports of private and legal persons both manually and automatically, adjusting the query sequence, setting up cascade query rules, and generating consolidated credit reports in PDF format.

The HES solution, based on the HES Credit Scoring Module, laid the groundwork for FINCA to significantly improve its underwriting decisions. The deduplication tool enables FINCA to create a consolidated report on each borrower using data from three separate sources. This tool also enables FINCA to pinpoint differences in credit reports from different bureaus (National Bureau of Credit Histories, United Credit Bureau, Equifax), which automatically flags borrowers who might require additional verification.

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