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HES provides an efficient platform for compliant and customer-focused alternative commercial lending

Combining solid technology background with exceptional industry expertise, HES business lending software ensures reliable automation of commercial loan origination and servicing, credit scoring and pricing, and loan portfolio management. It allows for saving operating expenses for SME loans, while increasing commercial lenders’ operational efficiency.

“While bank financing will continue to be crucial for the SME sector, there is a broad concern that credit constraints will simply become “the new normal” for SMEs and entrepreneurs. It is therefore necessary to broaden the range of financing instruments available to SMEs and entrepreneurs, in order to enable them to continue to play their role in investment, growth, innovation and employment.”

HES business lending platform is perfect for:

  • Working capital financing
  • Invoice financing
  • Supply chain financing
  • Equipment leasing
  • Commercial real estate financing
  • Factoring
  • Lines of credit
  • Hard money financing

Key Features

  • Configurable workflows

  • Simplified paperwork

  • Borrower scoring and project scoring

  • Automated Scoring Decisions

  • Automated Approvals

  • Secondary loan trading

  • Trust accounts

  • Task list for user roles

  • Divided task flows

  • Automated tasking and progress tracking

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Payment schedule tracking

  • One-click check-and-sell transactions

  • Automatic trading

  • Off-platform document signing

  • Flexible interest rate and other parameters

  • Initial borrower background checks

  • Further borrower and document checks

  • Automatic project payment distribution

  • Integration with invoicing party/borrower accounting system for invoice transaction data exchange



The CRM module provides extensive capabilities for planning and coordination of organisation’s resources across all communication channels. Manage accounts, contacts, opportunities and leads. Close more deals without spending regular long hours on keeping and updating records. Deliver a superior customer experience and engage your customers any time, on any device.

Product engine

Create diverse and flexible commercial financing options by configuring dozens of loan parameters. The product engine enables managing both fixed and flexible parameters. Fixed parameters are applied for longer-term static loan products with stable pricing, while flexible parameters are optional and are automatically defined for each new funding project.

Calculation engine

This module is the calculation heart of the business funding platform. With dozens of possible customisation options, it allows you to configure, calculate and track payment schedules. Perform calculations for interest accruals, loan types and payment protection plans, and keep your business compliant with loan operation regulations.

Template-based document management

Generate business-ready agreements, offers, notes, instructions and other relevant loan documents with a few mouse clicks. Attach scans and photos to the package directly from scanner or camera. Set effective dates, sign documents electronically, and distribute copies to all signees automatically. Instantly access and manage all stored documents and templates.

Underwriting and KYC

Thoroughly evaluate the financial standing of potential borrowers. Assess collateral quality, loan-to-value coverage, loan servicing cost, cash turnover, current loans, data on company managers and directors, and other business performance metrics. Have your in-house decision tree implemented or leverage proprietary scoring models and credit bureau ratings.

Payments and money transfer

The payment module provides fully automated payment workflows, integrations and straight-through payment processing. Transfer money to borrowers and collect loan payments using bank transfers, e-money, card or cash. Run all payment operations with minimal user intervention and high security. Improve transparency of financial flows and allow commission charging before the final transfer of funds by streaming payments through special trust accounts.

Statistics and data visualisation

Collect business statistics and take advantage of helpful data visualisation tools. Make insights come alive and communicate complicated ideas in simple visual messages.


Send manual or automatic notifications to all stakeholders via emails, text or personal platform messages.

Security settings and preferences

Leverage role-based access control to manage user roles within your system. Specify password policies and restrict access by device ID. Enable innovation while keeping control of access, costs and data.

Electronic wallets

Run all borrowing and repayment transactions through borrower e-wallet accounts. Keep track of all wallet balances and transaction history.

Collateral monitoring

Make better decisions on the level of collateral through real-time tracking and assessment of collateral levels. Better define underlying agreements, collateral eligibility and terms, and combine multiple activities of the collateral management function into one system.


The reporting module provides fast, customisable access to accurate information and easy-to-use web based tools to make critical business decisions. Export data to a range of formats, including Excel, Word, PDF, TXT. Use clear and explicit standard dashboards or create comprehensive reports and deliver results to the right persons in the right format.

HES Commerical lending software screenshot
HES SME lending software screenshot
HES Business lending software screenshot
  • Solution benefits
  • Unlimited scalability and customisation
  • Increased transparency of financial flows
  • Improved time to market for new commercial loan products
  • Straightforward, intuitive user experience with drag-&-drop, point-&-click functionality
  • Omni-channel customer engagement

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