HES Core
Digital Lending Software

Free from the constraints of out-of-the-box lending software.

Software 100% tailored to your business needs

HES Core is the driving force behind HES lending & banking software. It’s an isolated and protected codebase that covers all major aspects necessary to launch and run a profitable lending business.

HES Engine has an evolving web application framework, meaning we build your lending platform around the HES Core, not from scratch. HES Core combines the best aspects of fintech product development to foster on-demand scalability.

Layer 3: Ready-to-go lending solution
Layer 2: Unique customer requirements
Layer 1: HES Core

HES Core modules: under the hood

HES Core Engine includes but is not limited to 20+ modules designed to get a customer to the market in just 90 days.

HES Core

markerHES Core takes you to the market in less than 3 months.
markerHES Core suits projects of any size & scope.
markerHES Core is flexible for any lending opportunity.
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Universal API Integration

HES Core gives you the ability to integrate with any third party service provider in the fast-changing lending environment.

Our dedicated team of HES Experts create bespoke and agile architecture, which allows for integration with any financial service provider - from accounting systems & BI solutions to AI Credit Scoring platforms. By using an open API-based approach, HES gives its clients the ability to scale their business and continuously add new fintech services.

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