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HES software empowers alternative lenders to streamline document and information flows across every aspect of micro-lending

From creating and managing loan documents and files to collecting payments, HES loaning platform stands up to the critical demands of both online and offline lenders. You can improve client service, reduce errors and accelerate your time to revenue – however big or small your loan portfolio is. HES microfinance software offers unmatched customisation options, allowing you to select and fine-tune any number of components that are best suited for your business and legal environment. There are no per-user charges, nor will you be limited by the loan type and parameters.

HES software platform is perfect for managing

  • Payday loans
  • Short-term instalment loans
  • Long-term instalment loans
  • Refund anticipation loans
  • Subprime mortgage loans
  • Balance sheet loans

Micro-Lending Challenges vs. Key Solution Advantages

See how HES micro-lending solution can help you turn industry challenges into competitive advantages

Adopting flexible cost-effective technology

Procuring business software, which can accommodate a 3 to 5 year plan, while allowing for business growth and expansion.

Scalable modular architecture

HES platform comes with a broad range of functionality and customisation options. It can be integrated into existing infrastructure and has scalability necessary to support future growth.

Eliminating human error

Discarding insecure manual processes in favour of smooth automated workflows.

Automated processes

Reliable automated processes remove many of the manual steps and reduce errors associated with routine hand-operated tasks.

Reducing loan application processing time and cost

Saving labour and other operational costs. Accelerating the speed of loan application handling from first engagement with a borrower to loan disbursement.

Configurable loan workflows

Automated document management and decisioning workflows ensure efficient allocation and processing of each task. This results in shorter turnaround time and lower origination and servicing cost.

Mitigating the risk of fraud

Controlling default risks in an effective and accountable way.

Intelligent risk management framework

HES platform offers multiple options for creating the most relevant risk management workflow: from complex automated underwriting decisions to simple pre-qualification calculations.



The CRM module sits in the heart of the platform and handles major customer and loan management processes. Manage and track your customers, their loans and payments. See a complete overview of customer details, history, documents, communication and payments. Instantly call, text or email your customers.

Credit scoring

Build your own decision making process using various customer data sources or integrate with third-party scoring service providers. Adjust and train the system to make correct decisions once sufficient data is collected.

Document and template management

Easily manage offers, contracts, loan agreements, notes and other system documents. Attach scanned documents and photos by grabbing them directly from a scanner or camera.

Statistics and reporting

Get up-to-date statistics and visualise them on the dashboard. Use a predefined set of detailed user-friendly reports, edit, add your customised reports and export data to tens of formats, including Excel, Word, PDF, TXT and others.

Notification centre

Send automatic/scheduled emails, text or personal platform messages to customers. Notifications can be anchored to a specific event in a customer’s credit history.

Cash operations

Use a cashier module to run full-scale cash management operations – cash-in and cash-out money, automatically generate relevant debit and credit documents, and keep complete record of all cash transactions. A virtual cash register can be tied up to every online/offline office.

Payments and money transfer

Send money to your customers’ bank accounts, debit cards, PayPal accounts, electronic wallets, etc. Monitor the result and automatically initiate loan calculations as appropriate.

Online marketing

Track the results of your lead generation campaigns, including CPC/CPA advertising and partnership networks.

Built-in product engine

Define your own loan products – allow or freeze loan extension and rollover, set minimal payments, fines and tens of other parameters. The product engine allows you to use fixed and flexible parameters. A predefined set of parameters is specified for static credit products. Flexible parameters are generated during the pricing process and are used for dynamic credit products.

Security settings and preferences

Manage user permissions using role-based access control features. Define fine-grained password policies. Build rules to allow or block access by device ID. Easily track and monitor user activity across the platform.

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“HES have been our reliable technology partner since 2011. Thanks to their advice and dedication, we smoothly got to the market with an MVP and started growing our business very quickly. Their people help us focus on our business objectives and always give honest opinions on where we should or should not spend our money. I think they are adding critical value to MoneyMan.”

Boris Batin
Co-founder, MoneyMan

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